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Sample Thesis Topics

Sample Thesis Topics

Examples of current dissertation projects:

  • Self-Governance and Health: A Comparison of Canadian First Nation Communities
  • Promise Makers, Promise Breakers? Party Policymaking in Constrained Institutional and Policy Environments
  • Resistance and Change: The Politics of Pension Reforms in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Politicization and Problem-Solving in EU Policymaking: Explaining the Politics of Services Integration

Examples of recently defended dissertation theses:

  • Political Discourse and Policy Change: Health Reform in Canada and Germany
  • Capacity and Legitimacy in Policy Implementation: Singapore and Botswana
  • The Politics of Policy Transformation: A Comparative Analysis of Child Care and Unemployment Insurance in Canada and Ireland
  • Partners and Competitors: Intergovernmental Relations and the Governance of Transboundary Common Pools
  • The Governance of Home Care in Ontario and England: Contracts, Markets and the Effects on Service Providers, Clients and Workers in an Era of Balanced Budgets
  • Getting the State Right: A Contingency Theory of Administrative Reforms in Ontario and Ghana
  • The Politics of Acknowledgment: Truth Commissions in Uganda and Haiti
  • The Internationalization of Public Policy and Multi-level Governance: A Comparison of Financial Services Sector Reform in Canada and France

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