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Research in Progress Seminar (RIPS)

Dr. Randolph B. Persaud, October 15 - Agile Racism as Daily Plebiscite: Notes from Trump’s America*

Oct 11, 2018

A Research in Progress Seminar Talk 2018

Who: Dr. Randolph B. Persaud
Where: Kenneth Taylor Hall (KTH) 709
When: Monday, October 3, 11:30am

Dr. Persaud’s talk will start with a 20 minute joint presentation on the new postcolonial textbook, Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations: Postcolonial Perspectives, that was co-edited with Dr. Alina Sajed.

From the moment Donald J. Trump won the 2016 election practically everyone - media pundits to scholars, and even President Barak Obama explained the win as a backlash against the neglect of the white working class, and rural America. The ensuing academic literature has followed this broad pattern. For the academic left it was a combination of the effects of neoliberal globalization and structural racism that produced the November surprise. Are these convincing arguments? Persaud draws on the methodology of the Annales, and the theoretical work of E. Laclau (among others) to broach some different answers. Has the project of popular democratic interpellation failed?

Randolph B. Persaud is Associate Professor of International Relations at the School of International Service (SIS), American University in Washington, DC where he has served as the Interim-Director for the Council on the Americas and Director of Comparative and Regional Studies. In addition to numerous articles on race and IR, he is also the author of Counter-Hegemony and Foreign Policy: The Dialectics of Marginalized and Global Forces in Jamaica (Albany: SUNY Press, 2001), and co-editor with Alina Sajed of Race, Gender, and Culture in International Relations: Postcolonial Perspectives (New York: Routledge, 2018).