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Subterranean Detention and Sanctuary from below: Canada’s Carceral Geographies

sasha kovalchuk (PhD candidate) recently co-authored a publication about urban policing of undocumented migrants and how public city spaces become invisible border checkpoints

Feb 03, 2020

sasha kovalchuk (PhD Candidate, McMaster University) and Jen Bagelman (Lecturer, Newcastle University) have recently published in the interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal Social Sciences. The article examines the critical aspects of policing migration in Canada. By foregrounding the story of Lucia Vega Jiminez who died in detention in British Columbia's Immigration Detention Centre, the article points to the ways in which Canada’s determination process invisibilises certain forms of violence and, as such, serves as a highly restrictive and exclusionary mechanism.The article demonstrates how police extends like ‘capillaries’ throughout urban space. The authors argue city services (like transit) increasingly become less spaces of refuge, and more privatized border checkpoints.