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Our Department has an exceptionally strong concentration of expertise in Global Political Economy (GPE) and are known for their long standing contributions to International Political Economy (IPE).

The work of the following faculty members is distinguished by their shared interest in the institutional characteristics of the governance of the contemporary global political economy:

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Henry Jacek


Henry Jacek specializes in international business associations.

photo of Stephen McBride

Stephen McBride

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization

Stephen McBride is interested in state and restructuring. He has also worked on neoliberal globalization and North American political economy, the impact of trade and investment treaties, and the capacity of states for autonomous economic and industrial policies.

photo of Robert O'Brien

Robert O'Brien

Ph.D. Political Science, York University (Canada)1992


Robert O’Brien focuses on Global Labour Movements and multilateral economic institutions and global social movements. He and Mark Williams’ have published three editions on Global Political Economy; Evolution and Dynamics.

photo of Tony Porter

Tony Porter


Tony Porter work on the international regulation of finance and private authority in International Affairs and also International Financial Standards and Codes.